Patient Reviews

If you are looking for an oral surgeon please let me recommend Dr. Warren K. Bailey at Birmingham OMS located in Cahaba Heights! His professionalism and bedside manner were amazing! Not only is his practice located in Vestavia, but he also lives in Vestavia and has children in our school system. Thank you Dr. Bailey! 

I have never met a more professional and thorough oral surgeon. He careful explain things to me and answered all of my questions. His staff was warm and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them and I plan to use them again. 

Great experience here in getting in with emergent tooth extraction. Office is clean, well appointed with technology, and gives off a feeling of safety. Even the temporary receptionist was excellent. Dr. Bailey, was super nice and described my X Ray. I had an abscessed tooth (root canal 2.5 years ago) that was causing sever pain. He gave 3 sedation options and 3 plans of a going forward after extraction. Don’t remember any of the extraction. Excellent! Wait time only b/c I was early.

Dr. Bailey is truly a skilled professional and really knows his business.I highly recommend him and his staff.